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Wouldn't it be great if you could provide a better ordering experience for your customers?

With FlowCart, you can save time by letting your customers browse through your "Menu-Style Store" and automate the ordering process instantly without missing any sales!

Traditional websites are a thing of a past! You want visitors to convert & purchase from you! So keep it simple & concise, not have a website that is cluttered & messy!

FlowCart in a nutshell:
  • You can setup your "Menu-Style Store" within minutes!
  • Receive order details on your WhatsApp/Email Instantly!
  • NO Percentage or Commission Fees! 100% sales is yours!
  • Clean & organized Menu-Style selections that's pre-made!
  • FAQs and review section are ready to assist your business!
  • Direct, straightforward & easy! No experience needed!
  • Not a marketplace, you wont be competiting with others.
  • $1 per day that will enhance & digitalize your business!

    Feel free to explore and create a mock order to test out FlowCart - WhatsApp Ordering System!

    By having FlowCart, you’re not just saying “yes” to yourself or your business, you’re also simplifying the lives of your customers whenever they order from you!

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