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Nisa Alia
| 27 Jan 2022
I am addicted to this Yam flavour ice-cream!! The flavour is so rich and creamy! It's amazing!

Kelly Tan
| 27 Jan 2022
Omg your desserts are so sinful! Will try the shakes soon!

Azmi Noor
| 21 Oct 2021
How do i go about signing up? I can really use this store for my online business.

James Lim
| 21 Oct 2021
My friend shared me this store and I am really amazed by it!

Nita Tan
| 21 Oct 2021
I've tried other platforms but i can easily say that this is really THE ONE!

| 21 Oct 2021
No doubt! One of the most easiest to navigate! It's really user-friendly! Let me know once launch!

| 21 Oct 2021
This is really good! Loving the features and functionality! I will use FlowCart for my business!

| 21 Oct 2021
The Oreo milkshake is perfect! I love the thickness of the milk it will definitely make you full!

| 21 Oct 2021
This will be my favourite chocolate milkshake whenever I come here! Easily 5 stars!

| 21 Oct 2021
Wow! This peanut butter milkshake is so thick!!! I'm glad i bought two! So sinful! ????

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